Conference Committee:

  • Alla Shogenova, Estonia
  • Sarah Eileen Gasda, Norway
  • Tom Haselton, Lithuania
  • Monika Konieczyńska, Poland
  • Michal Wendolowski, Belgium
  • Auli Niemi, Sweden
  • Peter Molander, Finland, treasurer
  • Mayur Pal (Chair), Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania
  • Viltė Karaliūtė (secretary), Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Lithuania

Some Of Our Expert Speakers

Dr. Auli Niemi (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Auli Niemi is Professor Emeritus in Groundwater Modeling at Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her earlier positions include e.g. Research Professor & Leading Research Scientist at Technical Research Centre of Finland.
Andreas Busch (HWK, United Kingdom)
Prof. Andreas Busch leads the GeoEnergy research group at Heriot-Watt University since joining in 2016. Prior to moving to Edinburgh, he worked in R&D at Shell Global Solutions in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.
Eglė Jankauskienė
Mrs. Eglė Jankauskienė has Master of Economics. She is sustainability and project coordinator at AB Akmenės cementas. She is working with the implementation of the projects for almost 10 years as an auditor and proejct coordinator.
Shantanu Agarwal (Founder and CEO of Mati Carbon, USA)
Shantanu is a climate-tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years of energy industry experience. He has successfully founded number of companies in the past including Susteon, Sustaera in climate-tech domain.
Justinas Jazbutis (KN, Lithuania)
Involved in floating LNG regasification project developments in EU, Latin America, SE Asia. Lately major focus on Carbon Capture Storage initiatives. Taking a role of PM for CCS value chain feasibility study performed by KN and international partners.
dr adam
Dr. Adam Wójcicki (PGI-NRI, Poland)
Adam Wójcicki, Ph.D., Eng., geophysicist working at PGI-NRI, has been involved in CCS activities supported by the EU FP6 since 2004 (CASTOR, EU GeoCapacity, CO2NetEast).
Ehsan Marzban
Ehsan Marzban
Ehsan Marzban, a futurist and foresight researcher, specializes in alternative thinking and scenario development, focusing on social aspects of energy transition, governance, sustainability, and uncertainty management.
adam bott
Adam Bott
Adam Bott is the Business Development Manager for CCS across Europe for SLB. Starting his career 30 years ago as a SLB Wireline Engineer he has held a number of technical, commercial and management roles around the world.
Agnieszka Baran
Agnieszka Baran
Agnieszka is the Director of the CCS Programme Office since the beginning of 2023 (in ORLEN since 2016). Her responsibility is to implement and coordinate CCS projects in the whole ORLEN Capital Group (e.g. ECO2CEE project).
Ignas Vaičeliūnas
Ignas Vaičeliūnas is the Head of the Gas Storage Department at UAB "Minijos nafta" with 50 years of experience in petroleum geology. He graduated from the Gubkin Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Chemical Industry.
Nerijus Virbickas
Nerijus Virbickas
Nerijus Virbickas is a Head of Innovation at Green Genius with over 20 years of extensive experience in the global energy sector. He is also a mastermind behind the InnoSolveGreen project, recognized by the European Climate,Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) for its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Andrius Šostakas
Andrius Šostakas, Head of Renewable Energy Technologies at Amber Grid, has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial sector. His expertise includes power-to-gas (P2G) projects, CO2 capture, and hydrogen production, storage, and transportation. Andrius holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology.
Harri Laurikka
Harri Laurikka has been the Managing Director of the Bioenergy Association of Finland since 2016. Previously, he served as a climate change negotiator for Finland at the UNFCCC and the EU from 2007 to 2016, culminating in his role as Chief Negotiator at COP21. Laurikka holds a doctoral degree in Energy Economics from Aalto University.
alla shogenova
Dr. Alla Shogenova (TalTech, Estonia)
Dr. Alla Shogenova is a senior researcher and a leader of CO2 storage group at Department of Geology, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and a Director for Research in SHOGenergy NGO.
speaker (2)
Mr. Andreas Szabados
Asset Manager Denmark in Wintershall Dea International GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Wintershall Dea AG and license holder in Denmark. Acting as work package lead ‘Monitoring’ in the EUDP supported Greensand Phase 2 project consortium.
speaker (3)
Mr. Hannes Tuohiniitty
Mr Hannes Tuohiniitty works for Bioenergy Association of Finland as Sector Manager and previously as Managing Director for Finnish Pellet Energy Association. He has chaired umbrella organisation Bioenergy Europe 2018-2022 and currently holds vice-presidency position.
Sarah Gasda
Sarah Gasda is Research Director and Chief Scientist in Computational Geosciences at NORCE, an independent research institute in Bergen, Norway.
Luciana Miu
Luciana Miu is the Head of Clean Economy at Energy Policy Group, a Bucharest-based think tank specialising in energy and climate policy.
Eirik Falck da Silva
Eirik Falck da Silva is Research Manager in SINTEF and the coordinator of the CCUS ZEN project. His field of research is primarily solvent based CO2 capture.
Ian Havecroft
Ian is the Principal Consultant – Legal and Regulatory at the Global CCS Institute, and is based in Melbourne. Ian leads the Institute’s work on all legal and regulatory matters, including the delivery of technical reports .
Robert Höglund
Robert Höglund is an advisor in marginal carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and climate policy. He also works with the NGO Carbon Gap, and writes reports and articles on carbon removal.
speakers (2)
Ron Zevenhoven
Ron Zevenhoven has been professor in Engineering Thermodynamics and Modelling at Åbo Akademi University, Chemical and Process Engineering, in Turku Finland, since 2005. He holds an MSc (ChemEng) and PhD degrees (1988, 1992) from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.
Jelena Pubule
Dr. Jelena Pubule is a professor and leading researcher at Riga Technical University, Institute of Energy Systems and Environment.
Shruti Malik
Ms. Shruti Malik earned her Ph.D. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. She is working as a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Mathematical Modelling, Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania.
charles nelson-modified
Charles Nelson
Charles Nelson is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in the oil and gas industry and a strong focus on sustainability. As the CEO of Gold H2 and COO of Cemvita, he helps lead two innovative organizations at the forefront of technological advancements & environmental stewardship.
Henrik Von Zweigbergk
Henrik Von Zweigbergk
Henrik Von Zweigbergk works as an environmental lawyer at the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), since 2021. Before that he has worked for 14 years as an environmental lawyer at the County Administrative board in Jönköping, Sweden, mainly with issues regarding contaminated sites.
Mirosław Wojnicki
Mirosław Wojnicki, PhD Eng., is a Geologist and Petroleum Engineer, currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Petroleum Engineering Department of the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute (INiG – PIB), Poland.
Matthias Honegger
Matthias Honegger is Head of Business Field «Carbon Dioxide Removals» at Perspectives Climate Research. With over a decade of experience in climate policy advisory his expertise spans carbon markets, sectoral mitigation policies, national mitigation targets, and UN climate negotiations
Janis Volberts
Janis Volberts
Janis Volberts joined Bellona to identify and support the role to be played by ports for industrial decarbonisation solutions, such as CO2 capture, transport and storage. Janis' work is focused on projects in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular emphasis on the Baltic region.
Lamberto Eldering
Lamberto Eldering
Lamberto Eldering is a Business Developer for Low Carbon Solutions in Equinor, with a focus on CCS and hydrogen solutions. He has more than 10 years' experience in CCS project development and worked among others on several European CCS projects, including Northern Lights.
Bruno Gerrits
Bruno Gerrits works at the Global CCS Institute Brussels office in the role of Client Engagement Manager Europe. Covering a vast and -also in CCS terms- vastly different region his team works with members, policy makers and stakeholders across many countries and industries: from oil &gas to cement and steel, to technology and services.
Roman Berenblyum
Roman Berenblyum is special advisor in NORCE Norwegian Research Center AS working with sustainable use of underground resources. Dr Berenblyum main research interests lies in CO2 storage, hydrogen and geothermal energy production.
speakers (1)
Gjermund Blauenfeldt Næss
Gjermund Blauenfeldt Næss is an Advisor in the Danish Energy Agency. He works in the CO2-storage team handling the framework, evaluation and supervision of the licenses for exploration and storage of CO2 in Denmark.
speakers (3)
Mads Kjær Poulsen
Mads Kjær Poulsen is an Advisor at the Danish Energy Agency. His portfolio consists of aiding in the design and implementation of the Danish CCS subsidy funds.
Vendela Santén
Vendela Santén is strategic manager and lead researcher within the area of maritime logistics at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, Maritime Department. Her research focuses on sustainable transportation and logistics with a focus on maritime supply chains.
speakers (3)
Mads Kjær Poulsen
Mads Kjær Poulsen is an Advisor at the Danish Energy Agency. His portfolio consists of aiding in the design and implementation of the Danish CCS subsidy funds.