Conference Committee:

  • Alla Shogenova, Estonia
  • Sarah Eileen Gasda, Norway
  • Tom Haselton, Lithuania
  • Monika Konieczyńska, Poland
  • Michal Wendolowski, Belgium
  • Auli Niemi, Sweden
  • Peter Molander, Finland, treasurer
  • Mayur Pal (Chair), Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania
  • Viltė Karaliūtė (secretary), Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Lithuania
  • Janis Volberts, Latvia

Some Of Our Expert Speakers

Dr. Auli Niemi (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Auli Niemi is Professor Emeritus in Groundwater Modeling at Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her earlier positions include e.g. Research Professor & Leading Research Scientist at Technical Research Centre of Finland.
Andreas Busch (HWK, United Kingdom)
Prof. Andreas Busch leads the GeoEnergy research group at Heriot-Watt University since joining in 2016. Prior to moving to Edinburgh, he worked in R&D at Shell Global Solutions in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.
Eglė Jankauskienė
Mrs. Eglė Jankauskienė has Master of Economics. She is sustainability and project coordinator at AB Akmenės cementas. She is working with the implementation of the projects for almost 10 years as an auditor and proejct coordinator.

Mette Lind Fürstnow
Mette Lind Fürstnow
Mette Lind Fürstnow, with strong analytical and innovation skills, enjoys solving cross-disciplinary challenges and creating new business opportunities within the energy transition. Currently, she manages the pioneering offshore CCS project Greensand for INEOS Energy and heads the field development committee for the CO2 storage license (IRIS) offshore Denmark.
Justinas Jazbutis (KN, Lithuania)
Involved in floating LNG regasification project developments in EU, Latin America, SE Asia. Lately major focus on Carbon Capture Storage initiatives. Taking a role of PM for CCS value chain feasibility study performed by KN and international partners.
dr adam
Dr. Adam Wójcicki (PGI-NRI, Poland)
Adam Wójcicki, Ph.D., Eng., geophysicist working at PGI-NRI, has been involved in CCS activities supported by the EU FP6 since 2004 (CASTOR, EU GeoCapacity, CO2NetEast).
Ehsan Marzban
Ehsan Marzban
Ehsan Marzban, a futurist and foresight researcher, specializes in alternative thinking and scenario development, focusing on social aspects of energy transition, governance, sustainability, and uncertainty management.
adam bott
Adam Bott
Adam Bott is the Business Development Manager for CCS across Europe for SLB. Starting his career 30 years ago as a SLB Wireline Engineer he has held a number of technical, commercial and management roles around the world.
Agnieszka Baran
Agnieszka Baran
Agnieszka is the Director of the CCS Programme Office since the beginning of 2023 (in ORLEN since 2016). Her responsibility is to implement and coordinate CCS projects in the whole ORLEN Capital Group (e.g. ECO2CEE project).
Ignas Vaičeliūnas
Ignas Vaičeliūnas is the Head of the Gas Storage Department at UAB "Minijos nafta" with 50 years of experience in petroleum geology. He graduated from the Gubkin Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Chemical Industry.
Nerijus Virbickas
Nerijus Virbickas
Nerijus Virbickas is a Head of Innovation at Green Genius with over 20 years of extensive experience in the global energy sector. He is also a mastermind behind the InnoSolveGreen project, recognized by the European Climate,Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).
speaker 1
Andrius Šostakas
Andrius Šostakas, Head of Renewable Energy Technologies at Amber Grid, has more than 20 yrs of experience in the industrial sector. His expertise includes power-to-gas (P2G) projects, CO2 capture, & hydrogen production, storage, & transportation.He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Kaunas.
Harri Laurikka
Harri Laurikka has been the Managing Director of the Bioenergy Association of Finland since 2016. Previously, he served as a climate change negotiator for Finland at the UNFCCC and the EU from 2007 to 2016, culminating in his role as Chief Negotiator at COP21. Laurikka holds a doctoral degree in Energy Economics from Aalto University.
speaker 2
Lena Yotis
Geologist and project manager a the Swedish Geological Survey. Managing the Government assignment Carbon Storage in Sweden, since 2023. Have a backrgound as a geologist in the oil and gas industry, environmental manager in the cement industry and project manager for the Swedish Defence Materials Agency.
Roman Berenblyum
Roman Berenblyum holds a PhD (2004) from Danish Technical University. Since 2006 Roman has worked in NORCE focusing on carbon dioxide utilisation and storage, geothermal energy, hydrogen, fluid behavior and reservoir simulation related to IOR/EOR. Roman is currently serving as a member of the CO2GeoNet Executive Committee.
Žilvinas Danys
Žilvinas Danys
Senior Counsellor to the Ministry
Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.Lawyer, Vilnius University. Since 2019, he has been working at the Ministry of Energy, taking care of energy innovation issues. Professional in innovation ecosystems development & implementation, energy innovations management, hydrogen & CCS/CCUS technologies.
Pijus Andrejauskas
Pijus Andrejauskas
Pijus Andrejauskas is the Innovation Project Manager at Achema Group, the parent company of a leading producer of nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products in the Baltic states. He is an experienced professional dedicated to creating value in industrial decarbonization and renewable energy projects.
Carlo Maccherini
Carlo Maccherini
Carlo Maccherini is Senior BD Lead Europe for Global CCS Institute. He has over 15 years of experience working in Business Development and Account Management roles for Financial Institutions, Private companies, European Institutions and Startups operating both in solar and energy storage.
Lena Østgaard
Lena Østgaard
Lena Østgaard a Legal Advisor on International Law working on projects related to CCS, CCUS, negative emissions technologies and the energy transition. She has experience working with the regulatory issues and key legal requirements for cross-border transportation of CO2 and offshore storage.
Asle Solheim
Asle Solheim
Asle Solheim is the Project Advisor for the CCS value chain at Lime Petroleum AS in Oslo, Norway, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is involved in the Iroko project, which aims to store 215 million metric tons of liquefied CO2 annually for 30 years.
Fabian Liss
Fabian Liss is project coordinator for Bellona Germany’s CCS Forum. This science-based stakeholder forum aims to bring together different business and societal stakeholders along the entire CCS value chain. To this end, his work has focused on analyzing the development of the German Carbon Management Strategy and its function as one of the key governance documents on CCS in Europe.

Victoria Fondenær
Victoria Fondenær
Victoria Fondenær is the Business Support Manager at Lime Petroleum AS in Oslo, Norway, and Project Leader for the CCS value chain in the Iroko carbon storage project. With a master’s degree in business & management and over 20 years of international experience in finance, real estate investments, & project coordination, she plays a key role in the Iroko project, which aims to store 215 million metric tons of liquefied CO2 annually for 30 years.
Roberts Misurovs
Active in energy efficiency, power self-supply and co-financing projects, Roberts is also involved in the CCUS efforts of SCHWENK Latvija. He is part of the team trying to make sense of the various technological concepts on offer, with the aim of choosing the best suitable solution within this rapidly developing field and making carbon capture a reality at Brocēni cement plant.

prof brijesh
Prof. Brijesh K. Yadav
Prof. Yadav is working at dept. of hydrology IIT Roorkee, India. His research works is in the area of Remediation of Soil-water systems, Bioremediation of NAPL, PRB, Phytoremediation of heavy metals, Vadose zone Modeling, Plant water and solute uptake modeling, Groundwater Modeling, Numerical simulations, Nitrate and arsenic movement in Subsurface, MODFLOW, HYDRUS, Multiple Phase Flow, CO2 Sequestration and risk assessment.

Kazbulat Shogenov
Kazbulat Shogenov (TallTech, Estonia)
Dr Shogenov is a Researcher at the Department of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology (Tall Tech) and founder and CEO of the SHOGenergy consulting company.

Inga Žilienė
Inga Žilienė is the Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania since January 2021. She has a Master of Management and Business Administration (2008) and a Master of Applied Mathematics (1993) from Vilnius University, She has extensive experience in energy and regulatory sectors. She has previously chaired the National Energy Regulatory Council (2019–2021) and the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (2015–2019).