Join the network & networking benefits:

⦁ As a member you get access to attend the BCF 2024 conference
⦁ You can receive updates about events conducted by BCF
⦁ As network members you can receive newsletter about updates on CCUS projects in the region
⦁ Connect with network of people interested in similar activities
⦁ Volunteer for the BCF 2024 conference organization
⦁ Want to present – student presentations at the BCF 2024

Association, network and contact forum/conference


The BASRECCS rf association:
As a registered member of the
association you can participate in
decisions and work within the
association. You can become a member
by registering at the general assembly
or by mail to the board of BASRECCS rf:
[email protected]


The BASRECCS network:

You can become a part of the
BASRECCS network by registering
initiative/network/ to receive info,
participate in networking
and the BCF

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BCF is an annual conference and
an open and informal contact
cluster of CCUS experts,
stakeholders, individuals,
institutions, organisation and entities promoting CCUS: